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About Us

Our Mission

To bring the highest quality specialty coffee from origin to you, the coffee lover!
Our goal is to source, develop and roast the finest coffee for your enjoyment. We believe coffee should be an experience and not just fuel. Whether you’re enjoying your cup solely by yourself or amongst friends or family, it should always be special. Experience the finest flavors and enjoy!

About Us

In 2012, while pouring another cup of overrated coffee in the break room of a local IT company, someone told Mike, “You know, you can roast your own coffee.” When a person who is already a homebrewing and culinary enthusiast hears that, it’s on!

For our first roast we created a roast drum using two colanders attached to a broomstick and shook it inside our wood fired pizza oven. It was fun to try, but certainly not sustainable. We graduated to converting our gas grill to a roaster using an electric rotating drum. Couple a constant rotation and an introduction to specialty grade coffee beans, and we were making some pretty good coffee for ourselves (& friends & family of course). We spent the next eight years working with importers trying coffees from all over the world and moved towards selecting beans rated high enough to be considered “Specialty Coffee” per the standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

In June 2019 we attended our first formal training on grading beans, importing, roasting, and cupping at Mill City Roasters in Minneapolis. We decided it was time to share our love for higher quality coffee.

Peak City Coffee was born to share and enjoy specialty, locally roasted, small batch coffee with our community (& friends & family of course)..

Our Process

Our process includes the perfect combination of the highest quality beans and our craft roasting!


Coffee beans come from a fruit, a cherry actually, that grows in regions near the equator such as Honduras, Colombia, Hawaii, Sumatra, and Guatemala. Farmers in those regions focused on specialty coffees cultivate the highest quality crop.


The farmers take care to extract and wash the seed from the cherries into a raw coffee bean that surpases most in quality.


It’s our mission to find those nearly perfect specialty beans and bring them to our roastery.   Peak City Coffee has partnered with Cafe Imports to bring us some of the world’s finest specialty green coffees!.  We carefully sample many roasts before wrapping them into one of our Peak City Coffee products.


This is our main job! The first phase of the roast brings out the natural flavor of the coffee bean created by the bean’s origin and processing method.  The roaster determines when the coffee finishes its development end phase (yellowing).  The second phase of the roast enhances and perfects the flavor profile for true coffee enjoyment.  There are so many profiles which we can develop and it's our job to get creative and be able to reproduce these small batch roasts for your enjoyment.


This is your job! (well, ours too!)