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You’ve stepped it up to Specialty Coffee… Now Don’t Ruin it!

You’ve stepped it up to Specialty Coffee… Now Don’t Ruin it!

Congratulations! You have taken a step forward in your coffee enjoyment with a Specialty Coffee. Now let’s make sure you don’t ruin it!

Freshness – Don’t let these beans sit around too long. Coffee is at its freshest closest to roast day.

The Grind –

When to grind: Grind your beans as close to brew time as possible for maximum freshness & flavor.

The Grinder: A burr or mill grinder is best because the coffee is ground to a consistent size. A blade grinder is less preferable because of the inconsistency and often leaves a burn taste to the beans.

Size of Grind: The size of the grind is most important to the taste of your coffee. Too fine of a grind can leave your coffee tasting bitter, while a flat taste means the grind is too coarse. Here’s a quick guide for grinding:

French Press – Coarse, very chunky

Drip – Medium, like kosher salt

Espresso – Fine, like table salt

Water –

Water source – The water you use is very important to the quality of your coffee. Use filtered or bottled water if your tap water is not good or has a strong odor or taste, such as chlorine.

If you’re using tap water, let it run a few seconds before filling your coffee pot, and be sure to use cold water. Avoid distilled or softened water.

Amount of water – the “Golden Ratio” – general guidance is one to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water.

Water Temperature – Unless you’re making a cold brew, be sure your brewing mechanism, whether it’s a drip coffee maker, espresso machine, pour over, or french press, can maintain a water temperature between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit

Brewing Time –

How long the water is in contact with the coffee grounds is another important flavor factor. A quick guide to brew time:

Drip coffee maker – 5 minutes

French Press – 2-4 minutes

Espresso has an especially brief brew time — 20-30 seconds.

Cold brew, on the other hand, should steep overnight (about 12 hours).

Enjoying the Coffee

Let the coffee rest or sit a few minutes. Coffee drinkers typically find their coffee is at optimal temperature for optimal taste around 140 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Now Enjoy!!!!

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